about the mums


About Andover Mums

Andover Mums, originally a small Facebook group, has expanded into a large, well-connected Facebook group, website, and blog full of local resources created and managed by Johanna Buoncontri.

This group is not just for mums, but for ALL residents in Andover, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. 

Our Andover Mums group on Facebook is a spot to share, exchange, review, network, and connect to others in our own community.

If you live in Andover or the surrounding area and have a direct connection to the area, feel free to ask to join our Facebook group page.

About Johanna

Johanna lives in Andover, Massachusetts with her husband and two sports-loving sons.

She is a corporate recruiter turned stay-at-home MUM. A MUM who loves helping people make great connections, whether fun and frivolous OR informative and impactful. This is what drove her to create ANDOVER MUMS. Why not have one place for members of the community to connect and access all the information needed to live in their community?

When she's not talking to herself about why she hates doing laundry, she's taking on more projects than she have time for!

Want to connect? Send Johanna a note at mumsandover@gmail.com.