Tiny Tunes

Just recently I’ve gotten to the chance to get know Julie Zavrl. An Andover native, whose genuine, warm and beams from ear to ear whenever she speaks of her newish baby - Tiny Tunes!  (in January it will be a full year of ownership!) Julie has always loved singing and children - and admittingly is living her dream as the owner of Tiny Tunes.

Tiny Tunes is a live music education program committed to bringing music to the lives of children from infancy to age 14. Programs consists of music, movement, singing and theater.  Tiny Tunes also happens to be the spot in Andover where new mums meet their new mum friends!

I am thrilled to announce Tiny Tunes as ANDOVER MUMS newest sponsor. This is a perfect match because new mums are always turning to Andover Mums for things to do and places to go with their new babies!

Tiny Tunes will be hosting free monthly “MUMS/Parent coffees” on the first Thurday of every month. These coffees are especially for MUMS/parents to meet and mingle with their little without any pressure. Tiny Tunes is centrally located right in Dundee Park.

📌The first MUMS Coffees will be:

Thursday, November 1 at 9:30am

at 6 Dundee Park, Andover

✨To register or inquire call or email:

978-475-3148 or info@tinytunesandover.com

More info: www.tinytunesandover.com

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Johanna Buoncontri