Andover Thrives



Please mark your calendars to be in downtown this Saturday as we kick off Andover Thrives Day! Together with Gia Cyrier another MUM, business owner and Andover resident and many business owners we are launching Andover Thrives Day.

We want to bring the Andover community together to support our local businesses as they get back on track! We are kicking off this grassroots movement by piggy-backing on some really fun events that are already happening in downtown this Saturday including the ACE Scarecrow Festival (Andover Coalition of Education) and the Andover Block Party (Andover Cares). We realize this is right around the corner but we just want to get this going!

Get ready to infuse some love into our local business community! 💛✨ #andovermums #andovercommunity #andoverma #andoverlife #andoverevent #mumsevent #local life #shoplocal #eatlocal #buylocal #livelocal #andoverthrives

Johanna Buoncontri