Flamingo Fundraiser


Ever see the flocks of flamingos and wish you had the chance to flock someone! Well the time is finally here for you to sign up and send a flock to a friend! The Flamingo Fun is a fundraiser for West Middle School in Andover. As part of WMS’s Parent Advisory Council - I’m sharing it with you to get in on the fun while helping us meet our goal! Sign up now to send a flock:


For more info read the very clever press release:

A peculiar migration pattern of a bird species not typically found in this area is expected to occur during the upcoming weeks of October, say West Middle School community members. To raise money for school programs, the school’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is bringing back its flocks of pink flamingos.

Flamingo flocking is a fundraiser where members of the West Middle Community secretly place a flock of pink flamingos on the lawn of any person a donor requests in the town of Andover.  A notice will be left with the flock explaining the process and that the surprise is part of a school fundraiser.  The “flockee” may in turn “re-flock” someone else, purchase flocking insurance to prevent future flocking, or simply have the flock picked up within the 24-48 hours from the original landing, according to the organizers.

The West Middle PAC plans to use the money raised from this fundraiser to renovate the recess  area with the guidance of the WMS student leadership team.  In 2016 they helped to raise $7,500, which the school hopes to do again this year.

The Flamingo flocks visit every 2 years and will be in town October, 10th though October 26th, so don’t miss the birds before they are placed back in captivity! .

PS: The flocks do not leave Andover!

PSS: The flamingos especially love hanging with scarecrows made from the Andover Coalition of Education’s scarecrow kits! More info on these here: https://www.aceandover.org/scarecrow-kit/

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Johanna Buoncontri