It’s time for a MUMS giveaway from Kaleidoscope!

Win a $225 certificate for your child to attend a Kaleidoscope class this summer! To enter you must post in a comment below:

1. How many kids you think are enrolled in Kaleidoscope classes as of March 15, 2018

2. Say whether your child has attended Kaleidoscope in the past (Yes/No – If yes, name one course that your child liked!)

Winner is the person whose guess is closest to the actual number enrolled. In the case of tie, a drawing will be held.

▪️Winner will be announced Monday 3/19.

▪️Deadline for entries – Sunday 3/20 at midnight

▪️This applies to new registrations only

•Certificate covers one 1/2 day class ($195) and registration fee ($30)

•If winner wants to register for more than one class, $225 credit will be deducted from total amount due

•Course choice subject to availability at time of registration (open and closed classes are listed on website)

•Over 180 courses are held from July 2-17, 2018 at Pike School in Andover

•Courses for children ages 3-13 include art, music, science, math, theater, movie-making, cooking, STEM, sports, and much more!

For more info go to:

Amanda Dudley