I love seeing the Yabeee User Group grow! In case you’ve missed my previous posts. Yabeee is a new App being developed here in Andover to help us save ⏰ and 💰 on stuff we buy everyday. John, the developer, has connected with me to get the MUMS to join and get their feedback. Thanks to all the MUMS who have already joined (+ even won stuff) in the Yabeee User Group on Facebook!I’m told our input has already been super helpful in working out the kinks in the App! 👏🏻

If you are reading about this for the first time, Yabeee is looking to the MUMS for help with their App by joining their user group on Facebook.  If you are interested in participating or even learning more about Yabeee and how it will help you save 💰 - join the Yabeee User Group here:

Also, Yabeee will be holding monthly giveaways  in the User Group!

Learn more about Yabeee on their Facebook page:



Johanna Buoncontri