This is Motherhood


I’m so excited to SPOTLIGHT local mum, writer and editor Colleen Temple. Colleen’s new book (along with Motherly) This is Motherhood: A Motherly Collection of Reflections + Practices is now available for preorder on Amazon.

This Is Motherhood hasover 50 brand-new essays by 40 contributors including Colleen and her sister Megan O’Neill that cover the joy, exhaustion, monotony, and magic of motherhood. Stories include the transformation to motherhood, the wonder of seeing your partner with your baby for the first time, the bittersweet feelings around watching your child on their first day of kindergarten, the devastation of miscarriage, the heaviness of infertility, the strength of single moms, the challenges of parenting a child with special needs, the ups and downs of postpartum anxiety, worrying about how your child will be treated based on the color of their skin.

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Johanna Buoncontri