Revise Energy help the MUMS

I’m super excited to announce Andover Mums has partnered with Revise Energy, a Mass Save Program Partner to help spread the word on how Revise can help us save money and energy. Revise is a Home Performance Contractor that conducts both no-cost Home Energy Assessments and insulation work for qualifying residents.

As a result of the Columbia Gas incident in the fall, home owners in Andover, North Andover and Lawrence can receive:

• No-Cost Energy Efficient LED light bulbs

• Programmable thermostats

• Low Flow Shower Heads

• Faucet Aerators 

• Up to 100% off approved insulation improvements - worth thousands of dollars!

They also offer generous rebates for high efficiency heating, cooling and water equipment, as well as recommendations for energy efficient windows, doors, and solar panels.

Call them today at 800-885-SAVE or visit to schedule an assessment and receive your no-cost energy saving products!


Johanna Buoncontri