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MUMS - your opinion is needed! Since ANDOVER MUMS is the go-to for lots of local info I’d like to put together a list of "Andover’s Must Knows” for all to see - especially for Andover newcomers.

Please tell me your top places,/things, events, parks, shops, food, coffee, clubs, and such to know about (on or off the beaten path), hidden gems, best kept secrets that may or may not come up in a conversation or search for someone new to town? Basically Andover’s “Must Knows” by the MUMS!

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🖍Want to know about the Andover coloring book in the picture? The book features well-known points of interest in Andover and can handle being colored with all types of mediums. The artist, Jordan Ricciardi, has strong ties to our community. Both sets of her grandparents and her parents lived in Andover and she has been teaching art for the last eight years at Andover’s Sanborn Elementary School. She recently received the Essex Heritage Pioneer in Partnerships Award and an Andover Coalition for Education Innovative Teaching Grant. Her goal was to create something personal and close to the heart that could become a one-of-a-kind keepsake for residents, visitors, young children, seniors, or anyone with a connection to this special place! Jordan will be at Crafts in the Park this Saturday on the greens in downtown Andover! A copy of this fun coloring book will be included in the MUMS Mothers Day giveaway contest. Stayed for more on this!

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PS: Listed below are some ideas to get you thinking and feel free to get creative with this!

Best natural scene

Best coffee (specific place and beverage)

Best raw seafood

Best walking/hiking paths

Best scenery

Best spot for teens

Best places for you + your dog

Best place for night life

Top events in Andover

Favorite non-profits (donate or volunteer)

Best playground or park

Best place to know about for homeowners

Best place if you are into gardening

Best place for a notary

Best place to take a toddler

Best breakfast (specific place and dish)

Best lunch (specific place and dish)

Best dinner (specific place and dish)

Best adult beverage spot (specific place and drink)

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