Open House at Fusion


Visit the Open House at the Fusion Andover Learning Center. This new learning center will offer tutoring, STEAM programs, and mind map assessments to help better understand how your child learns so that they can have a personalized one-to-one learning experience.

Join us for a campus tour as we open our doors to parents and professionals. We can’t wait to meet you!

Fusion Learning Center offers:

- STEAM Programs

- Tutoring and Mentoring

- Cognitive Enhancement

- Core Subjects

- Traditional Studio Arts / Graphic Arts

- And More!

Thursday, June 6th

9am - 11am and 5pm - 7pm

at the Fusion Learning Center

3 Dundee Park Dr. in Andover.

* RSVP Appreciated

To learn more about the Learning Center and it’s programs contact the Director of Admissions and Outreach: Ryan Spellman


Johanna Buoncontri