Wellness Wednesday

TONIGHT (6-8pm) is their last Wellness Wednesday of the series! There will be tunes, food and ice cream and an awesome outdoor workout!  They want everybody there and to end the series with a bang! Head over - Rain or shine!

If it rains, it will be at the Old Town Hall (20 Main Street).

If it shines it will be at the Gazebo at 32 Bartlett Street!

Last week I swung by the Andover Community Support drop-in center and met with “Soap” (the face behind it all)!  place where anyone in our community can go to hang, connect, talk to someone or even get resources if they need them. There I met “Soap” who heads up this amazing space along with a bunch of other people.  They were all so down to earth and welcoming!  This group has already planned a bunch of fun events and they are planning on creating more in the future!  Stay tuned for what is next! And you are in the areav you should stop by and introduce yourself! 

Of course a huge thanks to Brit of Brit Perkins Photography for the great photos! 📸 💛

Johanna Buoncontri